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It was always INEVITABLE...

Many moons ago, unforeseen events led to a premature studio closure, scattering my many talented colleagues across the industry,


As an American working on a work VISA in Canada at the time, I was unable to create a new home for us, but felt it was inevitable that we'd all come together someday to create something amazing.

Today, Inevitable Studios is the culmination of that dream: a collective of veterans who have patiently awaited a long overdue collaboration, and the chance to create our best work, together.

Our collective goal is to build games that are familiar yet defy convention, craft intangible worlds brimming with possibility, and tell stories that respect the player's intelligence and enrich their lives with fun & meaning.

My name is Cord Smith. I've been a gamer for as long as I remember, and a contributor to this industry for more than two decades.

This unique game studio was founded to support remote work, sustain a healthy life balance, and thrive on unbridled creative collaboration.

We pride ourselves on our passions, strive for genuine & transparent communication, and aspire to build content of which we can be forever proud.

We hope you'll enjoy our creations for many years to come.

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