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What's your approach to development?

We've been embracing remote development long before the pandemic, which allows our team to quickly scale dynamically based on need. With contributors throughout the world connected through proven communication methods both live and asynchronous, we focus on the work we love instead of complaining about time zones.

Will you release a beta or demo?

We're big believers in extensive prototyping and play-testing, and hope to offer exclusive opportunities to play and provide feedback in the near future. Stay tuned. Your input could play a vital part in our development process, and ensure that whatever content reaches the public has been perfected based on strong feedback and constant iteration.

How can I contribute to the cause?

What are your biggest inspirations?

We draw inspiration from all forms of media as well as our real life experiences. Check out our blog for deep dives into some of our favorite games as well as thoughts on development, worthwhile assets, and the creators and philosophies that have inspired us the most.

When will the studio's first project be announced?

Although we're incredibly anxious to share what we've been working on, and share an announce trailer with the world, there are many factors at play--and just as many viable strategies and potential partners to consider.

It starts with a "hello." Use this site to contact us. We're always looking for new collaborations. If our projects and approach seem to vibe with your sensibilities, we'd love to see your work, hear your story, and find a way to work together.

Compared to other indies, how big is the studio?

With contributors plugging in and out of the project to exclusively tackle the work they do best, the number of active team members can flex up or down on a weekly basis--but whether "active" or "paused," everyone retains access to the team discord, meaning we're a big happy family that just keeps getting bigger. , the team

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