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Algernon: Games

In this modern coming-of-age tale, you play as 12-year-old Teddy as he plummets into the vast subconscious of his own mind.


Joined by a virtual caregiver named “Proxy,” Teddy must escape his own mind before the glitches plaguing Proxy bring their adventure to an end.


Along the way, Teddy will uncover Proxy's mysterious connection to the mother he never knew, and explore elaborate simulations of his family history built specifically for him.


Always in Mind bridges the gap between narrative and action, fusing intuitive controls with unforgettable powers to deliver an emotional tour-de-force that remains with you long after you've put the controller down.


  • Use incredible abilities to explore a vast dreamscape where technology and the mind combine.

  • Intuitive controls and dynamic cameras sustain player agency within every cinematic moment.

  • Gorgeous visuals and an original soundtrack immerse players in a unique and wondrous world.

  • Bond with your AI companion, Proxy, and uncover his mysterious connection to your family as he provides guidance, support, and comic relief.

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