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Algernon: Games

When an accidental fall knocks 12-year-old Teddy into a coma, he'll dive headlong into his own subconscious, a vast & surreal landscape of unlimited possibilities.

Joined by an AI implant known as "Proxy," Teddy must uncover the awe-inspiring powers of his mind in order to escape it--or risk becoming trapped in thought forever.

  • Surreal Adventure: Embark on an unpredictable journey through which you'll wield awesome abilities across mind-bending dreamscapes.

  • Effortless Exploration: Jump, Warp, Slide, and Glide through every corner of Teddy’s mind, and experience the added thrill of high-speed sledding excursions.

  • Stellar Story-Telling: Gorgeous visuals, dynamic cameras, and an original soundtrack keep you fully immersed and in total control of your narrative.

  • Artificial Friendship: Proxy's not only a companion, guide, and buddy--he's also the key to re-connecting your shattered family.

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