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A Few More Unity Asset Store Gems

When switching up projects and transitioning to 3rd-person, it was important to find the right tools to quickly prototype new ideas and bring a more emotional story to life.

First up on the list of needs was a new character controller, but why settle for a simple controller when you can utilize an entire kit bursting at the seams with more bells & whistles than one project could ever need. Enter the Game Kit Controller, and the most helpful asset creator on the Unity Asset Store, Santi.

What began as an attempt to prototype in style soon became a full-blown obsession with low poly assets. This ultimate pack has enough variety to accommodate an endless supply of your craziest ideas, and the quality is consistently high. Mix and match as you like!

This wasn’t my first time using a dynamic grass shader, but I needed something performance-friendly that would react to the player no matter the speed. This Unity asset by Brute Force delivered great results that are both performant and extremely gratifying. Huge bonus: the creator, Matthieu, is whip-smart, responsive, and kind. He's recently come through with some amazing shader modifications that further improved the project.

When I discovered this asset, I wasn’t sure exactly how I’d utilize it within the project, but it now fuels some of the best “wow moments” in the game. Never underestimate the possibilities of any visual tool. With the right tech, you are limited only by your imagination!

Last but not least is this “tiny” unassuming gem. Packed with intuitive tuning parameters and built to support endless cosmetic possibilities, this controller proved integral to building one of the project’s most unique means of traversal, and made prototyping a total blast. Its creator, David, has gone above and beyond to support our needs, recently updating the asset to allow us to customize individual collisions with the vehicle.

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